Gifting Online Subscriptions For The Blogger in Your Life

Gifting Online Subscriptions For The Blogger in Your Life


If you have a friend or someone in your family who loves to blog and they have a special event coming up, you could look to use their passion as an idea for a gift. Even if you have little understanding of the online world beyond logging into your social media accounts, it won’t take you much work to purchase an online subscription which is going to be really beneficial to them.

These are just some ideas which you could look to consider, which any blogger is going to love.

Hosting Subscription

All blogs have to be hosted in order for them to be operational online, and this comes at a cost. You can save them paying this cost for a year with an  unmanaged VPS subscription , which they are just going to love. If you don’t know how to go about this, you could always check out the average price of hosting and then create your own gift voucher with some money inside, so that they can use it to pay for their blog hosting in the coming year.

Image Library

Bloggers must be very careful when they are sharing images on their site, because if they are not their own, they could be taking someone else’s copyrighted images. This can in fact land bloggers in legal hot water, so it is something which they are very much looking to avoid. There are some fantastic libraries online which feature hundreds of thousands of images Gifting Online Subscriptions For The Blogger in Your Life  

which they can use, if they pay for a subscription. If you buy them a subscription you will be saving them money and helping them to gain a resource which they can use on their site, and stay out of trouble.

Marketing Course

There are many great marketing courses online which are aimed at bloggers and seek to help them take their blogs to the next level. These do come at a cost which is why a lot of bloggers don’t take advantage of this kind of opportunity. This is a great gift idea which they can use at their leisure, that could give them some great ideas for taking their blog to a wider audience.


Bloggers are always looking to try and create unique touches on their site which help them to stand out from the rest, and using a tool like Photoshop is the ideal way for them to do just this. Many bloggers look at free alternatives to this package, in order to save money. These alternatives however cannot match what Photoshop is doing, and it is very much the pick of the bunch when it comes to editing images. This subscription is really going to put a smile on their face and give them the chance to create some amazing images which will really help to boost the quality and the success of their blog.

These are just some subscription ideas which will work brilliantly as gifts for the blogger in your life.