Sell More, Work Less on with Zonbase

Sell More, Work Less on with Zonbase


Product research is critical in such a competitive marketplace as Amazon, where sellers have spent hours identifying the perfect items to sell. There are several applications and software packages available to assist with this task however, just too many tools to consider. The one that is truly effective is Zonbase.

Zonebase’s slogan is “Sell More, Work Less on,” which highlights their goal of assisting Amazon sellers in making money on amazon.

You can trust Zonbase as a one-stop-shop for Amazon sellers looking to research products, locate successful niches, and predict sales, conduct keyword research, and track product rank in Amazon searches.  It helps sellers uncover “golden pearl” products, saving time and effort on keyword research and correct product listings, among other tasks.

Getting started with Zonbase

  1. Registration:You can register for the free trial in Less than 60 Seconds with a valid email address.
  2. Select the plan: Choose the best plan according to your need
  • Standard plan: It costs $37/month includes; 10 ZonResearch, Keyword Base, Reverse Keywords, Listify, Hot Products, and 40 ZonTracker and Sales Estimator per day.
  • Legendary plan: It costs $ 67/month. It includes 250 ZonResearch, Keyword Base, Reverse Keywords, Listify, Hot Products, and 1000 ZonTracker and Sales Estimator per day.

Zonbase provides some powerful and handy tools that can assist sellers in ranking higher in Amazon search results.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

1. Chrome Extension

Zonbase chrome extension enables sellers to quickly conduct product research on Amazon’s website and identify profitable products.

The chrome extension image will turn orange on Amazon, and clicking it will display various product information, including monthly sales, revenue, price, category, title, many reviews, and more.

2. ASIN reversal

It is a tool that helps identify the top keywords used by Amazon competitors. You can figure out which keywords are the most suitable for your particular products because you have access to information about them, such as expected monthly searches, the number of rival sellers, and the keyword score.

Sellers can dominate their competitors after studying such keywords and facts.

3. ZonTracker

It allows sellers to track the product rank of a selected keyword and shows how it changes over time.

4. ZonResearch

With the help of this tool, sellers can quickly search through all of the products in Amazon’s database just using pre-defined filters. It is capable of determining how many reviews you’ll need to compete, how many monthly searches he’ll receive, Expected monthly sale, and the estimated sales volume.

4. Sales Estimator 

Sellers can use this tool to track the sales of products offered by competitors. Copy the entire URL of the product.

Then go to Sales Estimator, paste the URL in, and the tool will figure out how much the product sells per month.

5. Listings Optimizer

Amazon professionals will assist in increasing the Amazon income by optimizing and automating PPC campaigns and delivering precise PPC keywords.

6. PPC AutoPilot 

Amazon professionals also help sellers increase their amazon income by optimizing and automating PPC campaigns and delivering precise PPC keywords.

You if want to know more how to use these tools to grow your sells in Amazon, visit Zonbase Amazon blog can be very helpful for you. It has great deal of knowledge about these topic.