5 Clothing Items to Inventory Before Summer Is Out

5 Clothing Items to Inventory Before Summer Is Out


The end of summer signals a change in wardrobe. We pack away the T-shirts and shorts and pull out the long pants and sweaters. It is an annual ritual welcomed by some and despised by others. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s time to start thinking about your wardrobe change. It is also time to take inventory.

Department stores and boutiques should already have fall fashions out. Winter clothing should follow after Labor Day. Assuming you are thinking in that direction, here are five clothing items to inventory before summer is out, compliments of New York’s Plurawl, a popular LatinX apparel brand:

1. T-shirts

The introduction to this post talked about packing away T-shirts for the summer. Actually, Plurawl says most people don’t do that. They say that T-shirts are universally wearable year-round. During the fall and winter, we just wear them underneath other shirts or hoodies.

That said, take an inventory of your T-shirts. You will not find a lot of options on store racks after Labor Day, so stock up now if you need to. You probably want somewhere between five and ten in total, especially if you prefer to wear a clean T-shirt every day.

2. Sweatshirts

Hand-in-hand with T-shirts are sweatshirts. A good sweatshirt is the perfect outer garment to keep you warm when temperatures start to fall. A good hoodie with front pockets can be a jacket substitute through September and October. You might even get away with it into November.

3. Jeans

Just as T-shirts and sweatshirts are a staple for the upper body, jeans are a staple for your lower half. Denim is a heavy cotton material that proves exceptionally warm when temperatures drop. Denim can also be a good wind blocker when you’re walking around outside. Therefore, it is always good to have three or four pairs of jeans heading into the colder months.

As a side note, jeans with rips and tears defeat the purpose. Save those for summer nights partying on the beach. You don’t need as much insulation then. During the fall and winter, make sure your jeans are whole. The more heat they retain, the warmer you will be.

4. Sweaters

Sweaters seem to have an understandable link to fall and winter. Furthermore, you may know people who love the last two seasons of the year just because they are an excuse to break out the sweaters. Even Southerners appreciate a cool day or two for their sweater-wearing possibilities.

At any rate, two or three sweaters should get you through the colder months. If you are so inclined, check your inventory to see if you have a truly ugly sweater you can don for all those Christmas parties you will be attending. Ugly sweaters rule the holidays.

5. Heavy Socks

For those of us who live for blue skies, warm temperatures, and sunshine, one of the worst parts of the annual wardrobe change is realizing we will be wearing socks before too long. But there is no denying nature. Warm feet make for a warmer body all the way around. Cold feet do just the opposite.

As you are doing your wardrobe inventory, check to make sure you have enough heavy socks to get you through. Plan to wear at least one pair of socks per day. You may need two pairs if you spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter.

The cold weather will be here before you know it. Take stock of your clothing inventory and make sure you’re ready. And don’t worry, spring and summer will eventually follow.