Buy Now, Pay Later Stores in the UAE

Buy Now, Pay Later Stores in the UAE


For retailers and different stores, customers’ satisfaction always comes first. To achieve high satisfaction levels, merchants provide the customers with products and services that meet their needs. While this is essential, it is not enough.

Merchants are enhancing their customers’ experience by providing them with innovative payment solutions.

Did you like something before, but you couldn’t purchase it because it’s not within the budget? Well, who says you have to pay the total amount at once?

Knowing how customers are always looking for flexible payment plans to buy the things they like, more merchants are now enabling their customers to buy now and pay later through convenient installment plans.

If you are planning your next shopping spree in the UAE, here are some buy now, pay later shops to consider:


Designing your home interior in a way that suits you and makes you feel comfortable is important, but there are other things to consider to enjoy a quality lifestyle. Smart homes are the new trend, and UniHom will help you to utilize all their benefits by providing you with Wi-Fi AC central thermostat, indoor cameras, Wi-Fi light switches, and more.


If you are looking to purchase furniture, lightings, accessories, tableware, and other modern interiors for your home, Designitch is the place for you.


Designitch is a Cashew Payments partner. Cashew is a leading buy now pay later service provider in the UAE, allowing you as a shopper to pay for products and services in 3 installments.

H15 Boutique

Are you a fan of streetwear styles? Head to H15 Boutique to shop now and pay later for trendy streetwear items. The boutique has all you need from hoodies and customized t-shirts to footwear and sunglasses. H15 also provides professional sneakers cleaning service.

Ella and Sarie

Accessories can make or break an outfit; that’s why you should always pick unique pieces. Ella and Sarie got you covered with an extraordinary selection of jewelry originating from Africa, necklaces, earrings, handbags. You name it. The best part is you get to wear them now and pay for them later.


Your development and learning are essential. But how many times has money stopped you from enrolling in a course that will help you advance in your career? Not anymore! With SAE, you get to take courses in animation, design, marketing, games development, and more without breaking your monthly budget. You get to enroll in your preferred courses and pay for them using a flexible installment plan.

Sharaf DG

Replacing damaged mobile phones, cameras, laptops, TVs, and other digital and electronic devices are among the biggest budget breakers for all of us, especially if they broke suddenly with no previous plans to buy new ones.

With Sharaf DG, you get to buy all kinds of electronics and digital gadgets and pay for them later. The store has all your favorite brands, including Apple, Sony, Samsung, and more.

Le Bouquet

Our little ones’ needs must always be a priority. Le Bouquet provides mommies and their babies with all the essentials they need to be comfortable and happy. Buy now and pay later for high-quality baby gear, feeding essentials, furniture, toys, bath necessities, and more.