How to dress with the rain in autumn: tips for a perfect outfit

How to dress with the rain in autumn: tips for a perfect outfit


What is the most suitable outfit to wear when autumn begins and brings with it the first seasonal rains?

Leaving home in autumn and guessing the right outfit is a real challenge. Hot and sunny days and cold and rainy days alternate. Often these temperatures at the antipodes happen even on the same day. The best solution would be to dress in layers, but how to do it without affecting fashion?

How to dress with rain in autumn

The first thing to keep in mind when it rains are shoes, the first in contact with water; better than opt for waterproof material. The best shoes to wear on rainy days are simple boots, comfortable and that allows you to keep your feet dry. Opting for a pair of boots is not likely to go wrong: with heels, without heels, high or ankle, you are spoiled for choice to decide the model that best suits your look without sacrificing fashion.

If you are not convinced with the booths, you can point to a pair of waterproof and non-slip boots. For those more informal and sporty, an alternative is the high sneakers at the ankle.

Moving on to clothing from the ankle up, starting from the top, a great classic is the trench coat. Garment number one to watch when the weather doesn’t look good. Quite long, it usually has a belt that marks the waist and gives a vaguely British air.

Stylish sweatshirts and warm sweaters are perfect to stay warm, even better if with a high neck. In case we don’t have anything to shelter from the cold, and we want to add an extra touch of style to our look, you can use a scarf or a light scarf.

When the rain is not strong, these can be combined with a hat. The wide-brimmed ones are perfect because, in addition to the head, they also repair the face.

Proceeding from the waist down, jeans are the most comfortable garment to wear when it rains, but be careful to choose the model of the pants. When it rains you should avoid the trousers palace or flared pants because the hem would be immediately wet, for the same reason avoid also maxi dress and skirts too long. On the other hand, skinny jeans are perfect and can be inserted inside the boots.


When it rains, the bag is one of the accessories most exposed to rain, as Woman magazine suggest, so it should also be waterproof. The bag for rainy days must be large enough to hold the raincoat or a small umbrella to pull out when needed. Alternatively, to have your hands free and be able to handle the umbrella comfortably, you can orient yourself to use a backpack.

Which colours to use

To better adapt to the climate and the scenery it is good to focus on dark shades, which tend to camouflage any raindrops, as well as being less susceptible to moisture and stand out for their intrinsic refinement. A colour that goes perfectly with the rainy weather is dark green, a shade called moss.

Even the bicolour is a choice to be considered, especially if in the pair black and white, perfect and refined combo on all occasions. The lighter shades are not to be discarded completely, they increase the level of brightness of the outfit. On rainy days, the natural sunlight that filters through the clouds can be amplified with a white dress combined with a cream trench coat.