The best coats for men Winter 2021

The best coats for men Winter 2021


In this article, discover all the types of coats for winter and my selection of the best brands of coats. That said, it’s possible to opt for a lighter coat if you like to stack layers. It can give a cool layering look .

In this case, the preferred colors are: navy blue, anthracite gray, and sometimes, black. Cashmere and wool are the best choices in terms of fabric, while even if black may be appropriate, navy blue remains the reference color in terms of elegance and sobriety . “

With navy blue, you are almost sure to be dressed well. The second school is to choose flashier colors or a more sophisticated looking coat. In this case, you can build your look around this piece.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

Choose simple clothes and sober colors. This allows you to highlight it and avoid any bad taste. If you are afraid of a misstep, start by building a rather sober wardrobe.

Any expert advises to choose a quality coat. Entry level is difficult to be stylish. These are pieces that require beautiful materials and a lot of work. We must therefore pay the price and not be afraid to invest. Why a high price? Read this article . You will learn more about the true price of clothes.

There are many types of coats that men can wear in the winter. Lucky for you, we’ve summarized it all below: There are many types of coats for men, from long coats to peacoats to waxed jackets.

The long coat

It is the perfect companion to the costume (even if you wear this one with a T-shirt). Wool and cashmere are the materials of choice for several reasons: Wool and cashmere keep you warm. Even wet, it is a material that insulates against the cold. Compared to synthetic materials, wool and cashmere are very breathable.

Wool, in particular, is a tough material. This is what the military navy and fishermen used it for. Although they are all predominantly wool or cashmere, there are different types of long coats. Born in the 18th century, the Chesterfield is the archetype of the long coat.  Formal coat, this is one of the longest coats. This overcoat stops at the knees.