3 Beaches in Qatarto Enjoy Summers

3 Beaches in Qatarto Enjoy Summers


Wonderfully, it is the time to revive yourself by visiting the attractive beaches in Qatar on your vacation. It holds magnificent value in the attractive beaches that catch tourist’s attention. Undeniably, Qatar is rich in culture, food, history and many other things but also leading in beaches. So, are you ready to get a memorable experience on the beaches in Qatar? That would transform your boring into thrilling because travelling is the ultimate exciting and pleasurable way to live the dream.

Qatar is a decent choice to visit if you love to explore the history and cultural civilization but facilitating your beach fun Qatar can be the finest choice. Not only that you can also experience the beaches which is one of the outstanding aspects that hypnotizes tourists to go to Qatar. Beyond that, if you are confused about the beach in Qatar, then go through this blog as bring the top beaches so that you can enjoy more.

1- Banana Island Just a 25-minute boat ride from downtown Doha

Banana Island Just a 25-minute boat ride from downtown Doha comes over the top beaches in Doha Qatar as it is recognized as a little island in Qatar. This beach keeps territory that is crescent-formed and situated off the seaside of the capital city of Doha. You must have visited this beach during staying in Doha to enjoy a relaxing day in the pools with other activities like kayaking, banana boat rides, water slides and a bunch of additional water sports and amusing activities with the family. Moreover, this is the most dazzling beach that you would definitely fall in love with. So, hurry up to book at a budget-friendly price by applying Qatar Airways voucher code to enjoy the luxury pleasure of life.

2- Explore the beauty of the Khor Al Adaid inland sea

Explore the beauty of the Khor Al Adaid inland sea is one of the decent beach in Qatar. This beach is of nature to make it appealing for water or nature lovers. This beach is full of lovely scenery and different wildlife. You can see the nature astonishing scene of sunset as of the summits of the sand dunes or lookout flocks of drifting birds occupying the beaches. Next to that, this beach is known as an outstanding landscape for extravagance when you go on this inland beach. In this preservation area, you can relish picnicking, instant camping, starwatching, and fishing.

3- Fuwairit Beach Take a relaxing swim at this picturesque seaside

Every beach is loaded with extreme alluring and no one can deny that as they highlight nature while providing a calm feel while visiting. If you are planning to go to Qatar for any purpose or are already in Qatar, then give free one day to yourself for luxury and relaxing by enjoying any of these following beaches. Fuwairit Beach Taking a relaxing swim at this picturesque seaside is also one of the tempting beaches that are grabbing tourist attention. This beach has a heavy natural beauty that should be visited so that you can sense the real essence of nature and relaxation when you are in Qatar.