11 Interesting Gadgets to Spice up Your Fashion and Style

11 Interesting Gadgets to Spice up Your Fashion and Style


It’s hard to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion and style. From all of the new trends, it can be difficult to know what is in or out of style. That doesn’t mean you should stop trying! You just need a little help from your gadgets.

Whenever we think about technology, our first thought usually goes towards computers, smartphones, tablets but there are so many other awesome pieces of tech that have been created by people who want to make our lives easier and more fun!

As we all know, the fashion industry is constantly changing and evolving. This means that there are always new trends to follow and new styles to try out. One way to stay ahead of the game is by having a few extra gadgets on hand at all times.

●   Wireless Bluetooth earphones

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are the future of music. These devices allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes without being tethered by a cord, and they can be used with any audio device that has bluetooth capabilities. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is one for everyone’s needs. Bluetooth earphones are a wireless solution for when you’re on the go. You can listen to your favorite music or take phone calls without having to be plugged in. It’s an ideal product for those that don’t want the hassle of cables and wires getting tangled up with their other belongings.

● USB-powered clothes dryer

It can be a pain to do laundry. You have to find time, fill up the machine, wash everything by hand or in the sink and then dry it with an old-fashioned clothesline. But now there’s a new product on Kickstarter that might make a load of laundry much easier: The USB-powered clothes dryer! This compact device hooks up directly to any USB port and uses high heat airwaves that are generated from your computer. All you need is one inch of space next to your PC for this invention to work its magic.

●    Solar-powered generator

A solar-powered generator is an electrical device that converts sunlight into electricity. These devices are often used in remote locations where there’s no other means of generating power or to be used as a backup when the primary power source goes out. Solar panels can also be combined with wind turbines and hydroelectric generators to create hybrid systems for renewable energy generation.  The first commercial application of solar photovoltaics was invented by Bell Laboratories in 1954, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that they became widely adopted as prices dropped from $100 per watt to less than $10 per watt today.

● Self-adjusting belt that automatically tightens and loosens while working out

The idea for a self-adjusting belt came to me during my CrossFit class. I was doing squats with heavy weights and I noticed that the weight would shift from side to side as I lifted them up. This made it really difficult to do the exercise properly, so I ended up just dropping the barbells on the ground in frustration. It wasn’t until later that day when my muscles were sore and tight that it occurred to me how much easier exercising would be if there was a way for clothing and also waffle towels or equipment to automatically adjust themselves while you are working out!

● Waterproof phone case

The worst feeling is when you are in the middle of a good time and your phone dies. You need to find an outlet, plug it up, wait for it to charge and then deal with that whole ordeal again. All while everybody else around you has their phones fully charged and connected all day long. I want my phone right by me at all times so I can take pictures or even just check texts without having to go through the hassle of lugging it around everywhere I go.

● Smartphone tripod for easy hands free video recording of your day

We have all been there. Standing in front of the camera, trying to make sure you are framed correctly and not blinking while someone is filming your day. It can be difficult to keep up with the video and just enjoy yourself at the same time! But did you know that there is a way for you to take videos hands free? All it takes is an inexpensive smartphone tripod that will let you record from any angle without holding up your phone or worrying about shaky footage!