How to choose your down jacket / parka?

How to choose your down jacket / parka?


Braving the coldest temperatures and the most extreme weather in style, seems impossible to you?

However, this is what our range of premium down jackets and parkas offers . Selected from the most iconic essential brands , our down jackets and parkas for men and women combine trend and style without making any concessions on technicality and practicality .

The La Canadienne teams give you some advice on how to best choose THE down jacket or parka that will accompany you on each of your adventures.


The down that we find in the filling of down jackets or parkas generally comes from geese or ducks. It is a plumage formed of light and cottony feathers. It has the particularity of offering optimal thermal insulation and therefore protecting against the coldest temperatures. It is for this reason that it is the preferred insulation for the most beautiful brands of down jackets and parkas such as Nobis, Canada Goose, Mackage or Pyrenex .


Down is much more efficient than synthetic insulation in terms of warmth and breathability. The down jacket as well as the down parka are therefore two pieces to favor for the comfort and warmth they provide.

The greater the proportion of down in the model, the warmer the model is. Down jackets with 90% down and 10% feather filling are the warmest.


The other advantage of down is that it is extremely light and ultra-compressible . When wearing it is very pleasant, the weight of the garment is not felt. You will be both comfortable in all your movements and well insulated from the cold. In town and in the mountains, down jackets and parkas will be your best companions season after season.

Down jackets and parkas today blend perfectly into the urban landscape and accompany you wherever you go.

City dwellers need to be both stylish and comfortable. The practical and trendy down jackets & parkas  will go just as well with a casual outfit as with a more formal outfit.