What are the costume brands to know?

What are the costume brands to know?


After having enumerated the long list of points to check when planning to acquire a new suit, today let’s take a look at the last important point: the brands. Because it’s nice to know at a glance (if I may say so) if the costume that you have in your hands is mounted in heat-sealed or in semi-traditional but if you cannot afford to ‘buying one or the other doesn’t have much interest! This ultimate Suit Monday will therefore focus on the different brands offering suits. This article will highlight the quality / price correlation in order to guide you, according to your budget, to the best product. So we close our Suit Monday serieswith the costume brands to know. We hope that this (almost) weekly meeting will have been beneficial to you!

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It is of course towards the “pap” that the vast majority of us will turn to acquire a costume. And as everyone knows, the world of ready-to-wear is full of brands with very different positioning and the attention paid to the quality of products uncertain. So that a suit from a brand will clearly never be considered as such by its competitor. To help you find your way, we’ve selected the most relevant brands in three price segments: entry-level, mid-range and high-end.

And we obviously start with the one accessible by all. Dominated by large chains, the entry level also offers brands that are less mainstream and whose products combine quality and affordable prices. It just goes to show that fast fashion is not necessarily the only alternative when looking for low prices.

As said in the introduction, the entry level is mainly dominated by large chains, with almost infinite production capacity and low costs. However, there are firms in this segment that offer higher quality products. This is the case of Anthony Boy, launched in 2005. The major advantage of the brand is undeniably to offer suits exclusively in natural fibers (mainly wool ) at competitive prices. The meticulous choice of fabrics, colors and patterns as well as the important cutting work give Anthony Boy a place of choice in this price range.

Who is it for? To all those who want the best compromise between quality and price.

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Bexley was born a little over 30 years ago, from the initiative of Eric Botton. Its idea is clear: to enter the footwear market by positioning itself at the entry-level by providing a product with the best possible quality / price ratio. Making city shoes, the brand offers a sliding scale price principle. The feet are then simple, made of fairly good quality leathers and Blake and Goodyear stitching . 15 years later and a definite success, Bexley launched into ready-to-wear with shirts as the first item. In the same principle as the shoes, the latter evolve in a formal style. Recently, the brand has expanded its range by offering its very first costume.

If you are even interested in costumes, the name Bruce Field is surely not unfamiliar to you. Launched in 1978 by Richard Layani, the brand became known mainly through part of its collection made in France. Intended for CSP + people, Bruce Field has, over the years, been able to adapt to market demands and thus expand its wardrobe . To make her suits, she gets her supplies from the biggest clothiers like Vitale Barberis Canonico for example. In addition to suits, Bruce Field also offers shirts, sweaters and other pants to complete a chic wardrobe . In short, the firm wants to be classic and timeless while surfing on current trends.

We recommend it? It is the ideal brand if you do not want to make stylistic missteps.Without a doubt, Cowt is the youngest brand on this list! Launched in 2019, Cowt comes to the market with one goal: to offer fully clothed blazers and suits at the best price. To do this, it has set itself three objectives: to use beautiful materials from a renowned spinning mill, to promote traditional clothing and to keep prices affordable. It is at Reda, one of the most recognized weavers in the world, that the brand sources its fabrics. For the assembly, she turned to China and had her parts manufactured at Alina, a workshop with strong artisan know-how. All these points allow him to offer a blazer

Who is it for? For those looking for the flexibility and elegance of a fully canvas
If the entry-level has the particularity of offering products at a lower cost (often obscuring the quality), the mid-range prefers to raise the quality to a higher level. Of course, a price increase is to be expected but is sometimes beneficial. Here is a non-exhaustive list of costume brands to know in this range.

Italy is undoubtedly one of the king countries when it comes to speaking of sartorial. Boggi is also one of its best representatives. Launched in 1939 in Milan, the brand has built a solid reputation thanks in particular to the impeccable quality of its pieces. Offering a very large wardrobe, it quickly became a pillar of Italian fashion and soon crossed the borders of La Botte. Today, the latter is established in more than ten countries and continues to expand its wardrobe, moving from a casual shirt to a more formal model, a flannel blazer to a three-piece suit. We had tested the brand some time ago with a striped suit and soon after the test of its tailor-made service called “Su Misura ”. These two articles confirmed the same thing to us: the Italian brand is really a safe bet.