Which swimsuit to choose according to your morphology?

Which swimsuit to choose according to your morphology?


Summer is (finally) coming to the end of its nose. And who says summer means sun, vitamin D, evenings with friends and beach sessions with the family… The summer period is full of festive moments and conviviality.

Are you looking for that famous swimsuit in which you will feel good this summer? Who will accompany you during all your activities ? But above all the one that will flatter your assets ?

For many of my clients, choosing the right swimsuit can be difficult. That’s why I decided to share with you a complete guide on the subject. Thanks to this guide, you will be able to bask in the sun and enjoy swimming without complex. So put on your best hat, put on your flip flops and let’s explore the different types of swimsuits.

The 1 piece, a safe bet

Long shelved and reserved for swimming, the one-piece swimsuit has made a comeback in recent years. For those who prefer a classic style , the one-piece swimsuit is available in black or plain version. For a more fun look , it exists with pompoms, rhinestones, a large neckline or even printed.

Contrary to popular belief, prints also have the advantage of playing trompe l’oeil. In this case, prefer them tone on tone or small size , they will be able to dress the stomach area, and make you happy!

The bikini, the most popular

Less covering than the one-piece swimsuit, the bikini is a 2-piece set. With the bikini you can have fun mismatching the top and bottom. For example, you can wear your favorite black bikini bottom with a more colorful top.


This bikini top is shaped like a bandeau. It is ideal for those looking for a perfect tan. Often, they are sold with removable suspenders that you can wear however you want.

The triangle

This type of top is simply made up of two triangles that cover the chest. It attaches around the neck or with two straps. The triangle is perfect for small to medium breasts.

The high neckline

The high neck swimsuit gives an active look. It is perfect for sports activities on the beach!

The push-up

The push-up top will enhance the chest to give it a lightly padded effect. This swimsuit is very flattering for smaller breasts.

The trikini is a mix between the one-piece swimsuit and the bikini. From the front, it looks like a one-piece swimsuit and from the back, a bikini. It is perfect for those who do not want to show their tummy. The top of the jersey is connected to the bottom with a long strip of fabric at the belly. Pretty sexy , this type of swimsuit is very original.

The tankini, guaranteed comfort

The tankini is a bikini where the top is a sort of tank top . Very comfortable, it is also super practical . It exists with thin or wide straps depending on the desired support. The tankini is ideal for getting dressed quickly after a day at the beach.

Now that you know the types of swimsuits, let’s see which swimsuit to wear this summer.

There are a variety of swimwear available on the market, which can make it difficult to choose. “How do I know which swimsuit to wear according to my body type? ” Is a question that comes up a lot.

To help you in your quest for the perfect swimsuit to sublimate your assets, here are some tips and a selection of swimsuits for each morphology .

To find the right swimsuit, you must first of all be able to decipher the specificities and contours of your figure. The cuts best suited to your body type will flatter your overall look.

You have an X-shaped morphology

Your shoulders are straight, your waist is marked, and your hips are aligned with your shoulders. Your figure is balanced.

The shapes are less buxom than the figure 8, you can try to highlight the balance of your slim figure, a wide choice is available to you: the style of the swimsuit will guide your choice, rather than its shape.

You have a morphology in 8

Fuller than the X-shaped morphology, your shapes are nicely rounded: your chest and hips are present, your waist is well marked.

You can try to structure the line of your shoulders or refine your shapes which sometimes may seem too generous.

Prefer thick or removable straps for the top. The headband and sweetheart necklines will suit you very well.

For the bottom, the high waist panties will mark your pretty size. The retro / vintage style will be perfect for your body type.

You can try to soften your build, or highlight your slender legs.

For the top, focus on simplicity. Choose fancy for the bottom by opting for ruffles, frills, stripes …

If you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, opt for a V or deep neckline like the one from Les Sirènes .

You have an H-shaped morphology

Your morphology is very straight, your shoulders are rather square. Your size is not really marked. We will distinguish the small rectangle from the large rectangle.

The small rectangle (fine frame). You can look to flesh out your figure and create the illusion of a more pronounced waist.

The framework of the large rectangle is rather large and imposing. Your figure is athletic. You can seek to refine or soften the structure. At least not to widen it.

A triangle or push-up top will highlight your shoulders. Think frills, ruffles or other volume effects for the top. For the bottom, why not bet on high waisted panties? The Balzac Paris one-piece swimsuit with a deep neckline will be the m