The Best Office Attire Ideas for Summer

The Best Office Attire Ideas for Summer


When the heatwave hits and you must go to work, you should know how to beat the morning hassle of finding the best clothes for summer. Deciding what to wear during summer can be a headache unless you head to a pool or beach. Unfortunately, you need to maintain the dress code in your workplace and not show up in a bathing suit. You require an outfit that will keep you comfortable without looking miserable during the hot season. In that case, we have gathered several office outfit ideas to help you this summer. Check them out below.

A Long-Sleeved Shirt

Whether a man or a woman, a long-sleeved shirt can save the day. It is an essential item you cannot miss this summer’s wardrobe. Avoid the heavy fabrics by going for long sleeve bamboo shirts to keep things light and airy. You can accompany the shirt with large trousers to give enough room for your skin to breathe. So, a long-sleeved bamboo shirt is an ultimate summer essential for your workplace.

A Linen Two-piece Suit

The ultimate material for summer is linen. It is something you require for your summer office wear. You can choose tough linen or a breathable piece for a more structural feel. Whatever choice you go with, a two-piece will work the best for office wear. It will keep you comfortable throughout the day while attracting attention.

A Flowy Floral Dress

Another workwear savior this summer is a flowy floral dress for women. It is an essential summer piece you may enjoy wearing throughout the year. Let the dress talk about your personality at your workplace. You can wear it on a Monday and rock it on a Frida for cocktail drinks after work. In short, it is a seamless style that can help you easily transition from office to casual without much effort.

A Midi Over Mini Skirt

When the heatwave is at its best, you might be tempted to go for your mini skirt. However, according to stylists, it is best to choose a midi skirt. It is a good option for your official summer choice. Accompany the midi skirt with open-toes shoes. You may also wear a pair of good sneakers or a vintage t-shirt. Don’t forget to throw in a denim jacket or cardigan. This way, you will work feeling all good and confident.

A Timeless Blazer

Another staple piece you cannot miss in your wardrobe is a blazer. Men and women can wear a blazer over the outfit for the ultimate office look. A light-eight oversized blazer will do the magic. Make sure the blazer is light, bright-colored, and versatile for formal and casual wear. Throw the blazer over a silk dress or a pair of official trousers. If you want casual, pair it with a t-shirt and high-waist shorts.


These are examples of office outfits you should try this summer. The ultimate goal is to look good and feel comfortable throughout the day. Therefore, look for light materials and go for bright colors. Don’t forget the long-sleeved shirts to shield your arms from the sun.