Jewelry and female psychology

Jewelry and female psychology


Like clothing, jewelry for women (and men) is also an element of indirect communication. It expresses many things, in connection with belonging to a specific group (ethnic, political, sexual, etc.) but it is also an indicator of our personality or our past as well as a message that we are trying to convey , sometimes unconsciously. Some signs allowing to decipher the complex relation of the woman and the jewels. We suggest you to decode them in this article which is part of articles relating to ” How to choose jewelry for a gift “

Jewelry: a sign of identity

The methods of purchasing a jewel from a woman reinforce the idea that it represents a message in its own right, in the sense that the woman no longer only receives the jewel as a gift, but offers it to herself. more and more.

The choice of jewelry worn is therefore now made according to the mood, and according to what we want to show to others, sometimes in addition to a dress code or in contrast with it, such as the associated casual jeans style. to jewelry adorned with precious stones.

The jewel sublimates a woman’s body

Of course, the jewel does not only have a role of identity representation. A necklace or a brooch will enhance a neckline, a dazzling ring or a shiny bracelet will have a sensual connotation, earrings will sublimate a face, the jewels allow to highlight the body and the whole woman.

Family tradition

Certain family customs consisting in offering a pearl necklace to the majority of a woman demonstrate this link between the jewel and its female representation, this act being translated as the passage and the affirmation of femininity.

The offeror’s representation

The jewel also has a role of representation when it is offered, the offering therefore demonstrating his power, his financial ease, while valuing the woman who receives it, the value .

The jewel highlights the femininity of a woman, without imposing it, the quantity not being able to replace the natural one.

Witness to a past

Often, the value of the jewel will also be understood when it is lost, bringing up the summary of what it represents. As such, losing a jewel from the family is also a work to be done on oneself, to mourn a past and be able to project oneself towards a new adventure.

Far from being trivial, the jewel is an important indicator and conveys a rich and personal message.

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