10 Popular Designs for Cakes during Birthday Celebrations

10 Popular Designs for Cakes during Birthday Celebrations


Choosing the perfect design for cakes during a birthday bash can feel like running a marathon, particularly with the sheer variety on offer. The design possibilities are endless, from elaborate tiers of icing to more minimalistic styles.

What’s crucial is to select a design that resonates with the personality of the birthday boy or girl, ensuring it complements the overall theme of the celebration.

Here, we’re dishing out ten popular cake designs that never fail to impress at birthday celebrations.

Character-themed Cakes

Unsurprisingly, character-themed cakes are a hit at children’s birthday parties. Be it Peppa Pig or Spider-Man, these cakes bring their favourite characters to life. They provide a delightful surprise and fuel the child’s imagination and excitement.

Number Cakes

Especially significant for milestone birthdays, number cakes are both meaningful and visually striking. A ‘1’ for the first birthday or ’50’ for a golden jubilee, the cake’s design will symbolise a special number, making it a memorable birthday treat.

Rainbow Cakes

Who can resist the charm of a cake revealing a spectrum of colours upon being sliced? A rainbow cake is visually appealing and adds a magical touch to the birthday celebration, symbolising joy and positivity.

Photograph Cakes

With advances in edible printing technology, it’s now possible to put high-quality images on a cake. This design, personalised with a photo of the birthday celebrant, their favourite celebrity, or a memorable moment, can make the celebration all the more special.

Floral-themed Cakes

For a more elegant and timeless design, opt for floral-themed cakes. Whether they are real, edible, or sugar-paste flowers, these cakes emanate a natural beauty and sophistication that guests can’t help but admire.

Naked Cakes

The ‘naked’ cake design, where some or all of the cake’s sides are left unfrosted, is a trend that’s here to stay. This rustic and natural-looking design offers a less sweet alternative, perfect for those who prefer a subtler taste.

Metallic Cakes

For a birthday party with a dash of glamour, metallic cakes are the way to go. The shimmering gold, silver, or bronze finish adds a sophisticated touch to the celebration, making it a chic choice for milestone birthdays or more extravagant parties.

Cupcake Tower

A creative alternative to traditional cakes is a tower of cupcakes. This design allows for a variety of flavours and designs, offering something for everyone’s palate. Plus, they are easy to serve, making them a practical yet fun option.

Geode Cakes

Inspired by the natural beauty of geodes, these cakes showcase stunning edible crystals, making them a visual treat. A geode cake can be a colourful and sparkling centrepiece, fitting for a birthday celebration that’s all about being unique and creative.

Animal Print Cakes

Animal print never goes out of style for an edgy and fashion-forward cake design. From zebra to leopard prints, these cakes are visually striking and perfect for a themed party or for anyone with a taste for the wild.

While trends in cake design come and go, these popular designs continue to stand the test of time. From classic floral designs to contemporary metallic styles, there’s something to suit every taste.

So, next time you’re planning a birthday party, consider these tried and tested cake designs for a birthday celebration that will be remembered for years to come. Remember, the perfect cake design can make the birthday boy or girl feel extraordinarily loved and appreciated on their special day.