India is a country with a long and rich history of art. Many different regions of the country have developed their own unique painting styles. These painting styles were not just famous in ancient times but also today for décor purposes. People even today love to buy paintings online because these styles exude next-level beauty. Here are some of the most famous and traditional painting styles of India.

  • Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani paintings are one of the most famous styles of Indian folk painting. It is a kind of wall décor that came from the Bihar’s region “Mithila. This extraordinary art style always amazes people by its exquisite illustrations on the blank interior walls of the homes. Madhubani paintings are an ideal example of artistic skills and creativity to represent traditions & culture. When it comes to designs, they include different geometrical patterns, mythology scenes, and symbolic representations. The superlative combination of bright colors and distinctive patterns make Madhubani painting unique. There are five varied styles of this art style include Bharni, Godna, Katchni, Khobar and Tantril.

  • Kalighat Paintings

The Kalighat painting was found out in the mid 19th century in Calcutta/Kolkata at Kali Temple. This particular artwork is done on the paper canvas by a community famous as “patuas”. It beautifully shows the mythological personalities and routine life of ancient people. The artists utilize sober earthy colors such as indigo, blue, white, ochre, red, and grey to add a nice color appeal to each piece.

  • Miniature Paintings

Miniature painting is an art style that is influenced by Mughals. This art form came in India during 16th century and modified its characteristics in the history of cultural art. Indian miniature paintings are a combination of conch shells, gem stones, silver, and gold. Each piece is created with the help of organic mineral colors to bring an earthy feel to it. These paintings have developed their individuality in different miniature painting school across India, including Kangra, Malwa, Rajasthan, Mughal, and Pahadi.

  • Gond Paintings

Gond Paintings are a sequence of arranged dashes and dots created by the Gond tribe in Central India. This particular tribe used to redesign some prominent mythological stories from Indian history and culture. The rich designing and vibrant coloring in the paintings takes no moment to impress people. Traditionally, the organic colors that were sourced from cow dung, charcoal, mud, leaves, flowers, etc. were used to beautify these paintings. As the time passed, the Gond painting has become more than just a tribal art form!

  • Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra painting is a traditional painting that was initially famous in the state of Odisha. They are majorly derived from religious and mythological tales in a beautiful manner with bold strokes and rich colors such as red, yellow, black, white, etc. This painting style is admired by art aficionados across the globe.

  • Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai paintings were used as wall arts and hangings in the holy temples of Lord Krishna in Nathdwara. These paintings tell the tales of Shrinathji. This artwork is amongst the most intricate and colorful style that is highlighted with symbolism in the creative motifs. This painting is one of the first choices for people who worship Lord Krishna. These paintings are blessing and a true way to show devotion for God!

  • Phad Paintings

Phad is a cultural Rajasthani scroll art style that depicts the tales of deities and brave personalities, warriors, and romantic people on horizontal scrolls made of cloth. The color choices of artists for these paintings are truly amazing and include red, bright orange, and yellow.


These traditional Indian paintings are not only a reflection of the ancient lifestyle but an ideal example of creative expression via unique compositions. To give your home a new appeal, you can buy paintings online from these famous Indian folk art styles.

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