How to Make a Tight Pair of Shoes More Comfortable

How to Make a Tight Pair of Shoes More Comfortable


Sometimes you have a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly and they provide you with the utmost comfort. You might be tempted to wear these shoes every single day until they have holes in the soles and your toes are threatening to come out of the front of them.

Eventually you and your favorite shoes are going to have to part ways, at which stage you will need to invest in a new pair of shoes that will, hopefully, be just as comfortable. But what if they are not? What if every time you put them on, they squash your feet and cause you pain? Do you have to keep buying shoes until you find a pair that provide that comfort you are used to, or can you do something to make those tight shoes more comfortable?

How to Stretch Your Shoes

It is important to remember that new shoes are bound to be a little bit tight, even if they are the right size. The style of the shoe may also be a factor in how tight they feel on your feet. Sometimes, all you need is to break the shoes in and allow them to conform to the shape of your feet. To do this, you could consider wearing them around the house for an hour or two at night. A few days of doing this might be all you need to soften the material and make them feel more comfortable before you wear them outside.

You could also try to stretch them in other ways. Some experts recommend stuffing your shoes with damp, rolled up newspaper sheets. As the paper dries it expands, which helps to stretch the shoes. You could also consider part-filling two zip-lock bags with water and then placing one carefully inside each shoe. You will then need to put the shoes inside your freezer overnight. As the water freezes it will expand and stretch the shoes.

The experts at ShoeFresh recommend using a shoe stretch spray designed for the specific fabric that the shoe is made from. These sprays can be used on the area of the shoe that feels tight. Once you spray the shoe you should walk in it, which will help to stretch it and make it more comfortable. You could also use an adjustable shoe stretcher with the spray. These stretchers (also known as shoe trees) are designed to be placed inside the shoe and are made from a variety of materials, including wood and stainless steel. They can be adjusted periodically to stretch the shoe from toe to heel until you get the fit you desire.

Heat is another method commonly used to stretch shoes; this is where a hairdryer can come in handy. If you are thinking of blasting your shoes with the hot setting of your hairdryer, make sure you wear a pair of thick socks (or a couple of pairs). This will protect your feet from the heat. As you spray the shoes, move the nozzle of the hairdryer around the shoe and move your feet to help stretch the fabric. As the shoes cool down, walk around to help them stretch.


New shoes often feel tight and uncomfortable, and they may stay that way until they naturally stretch over time with wear. However, there are ways to make your tight shoes more comfortable, such as using s shoe stretch spray, filling them with damp newspaper sheets, or heating them with a hairdryer. If your shoes are still uncomfortable after trying these methods, it might be necessary to buy a different pair of shoes.