Five Ways to make loved ones feel special, relaxed & recharged with these Valentine’s Day Gifts

Five Ways to make loved ones feel special, relaxed & recharged with these Valentine’s Day Gifts


There’s no better present for Valentine’s Day than a unique timepiece – to freeze time and capture every dreg of love, affection, and bonding on this special day. Whether you are married to your High School sweetheart or someone who simply wants to celebrate love, go ahead and make your dear ones feel special. The idea is to ditch that box of chocolates and go for something out of the ordinary!

You can also get creative and plan a picnic, a weekend getaway, or simply rustle up some home-cooked meal with all your partner’s favourite items. There are so many ways to let them know that you love, adore and value them, and we are here to tell you the best.


They had us at the packaging – the premium leatherette packaging box with a marble-style sleeve exudes a touch of class and creates an enigma around what lies inside. This crystal-studded 28mm stainless steel case with a mother of pearl dial and full pink ceramic bracelet is the perfect watch for this occasion. While ‘pretty in pink’ is a popular colour for Valentine’s Day, for the non-conformists, you can get these ceramic wristwatches for women in blue, black, and classic white. 


Timex is known for being amongst the best watch brands in India, and they sure could not have missed out on men from their latest glamorous Ceramics collection. This royal blue watch boasts a 40mm sleek case with edge-to-edge domed crystal, a glossy enamel modern dial, and a full ceramic glossy bracelet. This blue colour is available in the ceramic collection’s wrist watches for women as well – so you can get the blue for both your partner and yourself and make the perfect couple style statement this Valentine’s day. 


Plan a picnic for your spouse and yourself while the sun is still out and the chill in the air is just the perfect amount. Some wine and cheese, finger sandwiches, and a portable speaker playing your favorite music. Both relaxed and romantic, this is an ideal way to bask in some winter sun and spend quality time with your partner. Read a book, catch up, and you won’t realise how easily time flies. Spruce up this picnic a notch by picking some high-end ingredients that you wouldn’t have daily – regular swap bread with sourdough or baguette, choose a bowl of berries instead of apples and oranges, some cheese and olives, and so on.

Neon Sign markers

Surprise your partner by adding some neon lights with a special message. This could range from ‘you are the best’ to ‘I love you’ – as long as the message is adorable, anything works. These neon signs are available easily on any e-commerce website or your neighbourhood party store. This is a simple way to make a statement and bring a smile to someone’s face – almost effortlessly.

Pyjama sets

We have spent a significant chunk of the last two years in our pyjamas, and they have become an integral part of our lives. Use this day to get matching pyjama sets for both of you. Flannel matching pyjamas or alluring satin pyjamas – depending on the mood. Try to monogram them too.

Spa Date

You can never go wrong with this. The perfect way to relax and recharge is by gifting a spa voucher or simply taking your spouse over to the spa and surprising them. Everyone needs a well-deserved break and merits some pampering, and there is nothing more loved than a spa day. What’s best is, you can book a couples massage and relax together.

Celebrate this day full of love and romance with these fantastic gifts and show your partner or loved one that they mean the world to you.

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