Add Instant Style To Your Home With A Cowhide Rug

Add Instant Style To Your Home With A Cowhide Rug


Is your home lacking in that certain oomph? Is there something you could incorporate in your decorating scheme that would bring your design scheme to a whole new level? It’s as simple as adding certain accessories to enhance what you already have and there are specific items that can do that. Cow rugs are perfect accent pieces to emphasise any design. What are ways that a cowhide rug can add to your decoration. Here are a few that work well with any design arrangement.

1. Layer a Cowhide Rug

You can easily layer cow rugs over other rugs, such as a seagrass or sisal rug. You’ll have a layered effect and an upbeat and more eclectic presentation. Whether you use a speckled cowhide rug or a plain one, they both exude just the right amount of texture, natural colour and pattern combinations that give your living space new meaning.

2. Entry Stairways

There’s nothing more attractive than the look of a whimsical cowhide runner rug placed on the entryway stairs. Turn your stairway into a showcase and with cowhide being hard wearing, you don’t have to worry about people going up and down the stairs and wearing out the cowhide. It’s one asset that won’t wear thin.

3. Wall Art Statement Piece

With both nature and animals in mind, framing a smaller cowhide rug or hanging a larger piece on a wall can become a statement piece. You’ll get the feeling of warmth, comfort and informality, which enhances any area of a home. You can even frame cowhide rug pieces and configure them in a pattern on a wall. A large wall space can accommodate a cowhide rug and create a conversation piece for years to come, plus you’ll have a piece of nature with you everywhere you go.

4. Roller Shades and Valances

Another idea is to use a smaller piece of cowhide adhered to a plain roller shade in a bathroom area with a window. You’ll get an instant pop of texture and color with this idea. You can also use the cowhide for a covered valance over a window with a neutral curtain or no curtain at all.

5. Effects of Placement

You can find just the right areas to place cowhide rugs in your design plan. Put one under a coffee table, gently fold one and place it at the end of a bed, or put a rug in front of a fireplace to give added warmth to the space. You can position one beneath a kitchen table or put a runner in front of your kitchen sink area. A home office definitely benefits from the use of a cowhide rug near or under a desk, plus it adds a touch of class to the neutral decor of the room. If you’re in a smaller office setting or even a studio, simply roll sections of a cowhide rug and place them in with another group of the same size rugs in earth tones and textures in an open metal or other container. With that, you achieve elements of added texture, patterns, warmth and color to enliven a smaller space. When you use cowhide rugs in any room of your home, you can achieve almost any look and add a designer touch to the area. Depending on the type of cow hide you choose, you can immediately change the mood and look to a space where you place one and you’ll create a focal point at the same time. With cowhide rugs being versatile, attractive, rugged and durable, they’re appropriate for design in almost any room of your home.