Choosing the right clinic for your rejuvenating facial treatments

Choosing the right clinic for your rejuvenating facial treatments


There are a large number of medico-aesthetic clinics in Quebec! Ultherapy, Venus Freeze, fillers, Botox … The treatments and products offered are just as varied! But before choosing the cheapest or nearest clinic, pay attention to some details that could greatly influence your rejuvenating facials. Here are some things to take into consideration before choosing a medico-aesthetic clinic for your facial rejuvenation treatments.


Before choosing your aesthetic clinic, find out about the expertise of aesthetic technicians. Having care by an experienced esthetician ensures you a better understanding of your needs and optimal results. Ask if the clinic offers continuing education programs like courses or certifications. The world of aesthetics, being always in evolution, sees its practices, its technologies and its treatments being perfected over time. A team well trained in the latest advances will therefore be able to offer you the best possible treatments to rejuvenate your face.


At Cinq Sens, we have a doctor who oversees the care we provide to our clients. However, not all clinics integrate medical attention to their clientele. A supervised clinic is a sign that it is a safe establishment where care is well supervised.


A good medical-aesthetic clinic does an analysis of your skin before treatment. This diagnosis is essential in order to offer you the most personalized treatment possible. After an Ultherapy treatment , for example, your cosmetic technician should follow up with you. This step is to check that your body is responding well and to ensure that you will get the desired results. If a medical-aesthetic clinic does not offer this kind of follow-up, consider choosing another one.


It’s good to have the best technology in beauty care, but if the devices are poorly maintained or poorly calibrated, they will not be effective. Do not hesitate to ask the clinic staff about the maintenance, use, cleaning and calibration of their devices. You deserve the best!


A clinic that owns its devices brings you several advantages. This means that it has accumulated experience in using its devices and that its staff are well trained to offer it to customers. Also, unlike clinics that rent their devices, you have more time slots available to schedule your appointments. At Cinq Sens, for example, we own our Ultherapy device. We are therefore able to offer you the best possible care at any time of your schedule.

To validate all these points, there is nothing better than requesting a free consultation. Without obligation, your Ultherapy treatment consultation will allow you to discover how Cinq Sens has become a leader in facial rejuvenation.