Learn the Sculpting and Contouring Method in Make-Up

Learn the Sculpting and Contouring Method in Make-Up


Applying make-up is changing, and the practice is achieving higher levels. The change is mainly due to the new products in the market and techniques in use. Also, more make-up artists are coming into the industry with better and innovative skills. One of the trending techniques is the sculpting and contouring method. We will help you with the steps to help you do the make-up by yourself.

A guide to Contouring and Sculpting in Make-Up

The technique is easy to learn, and you can be your make-up artist. It is vital to get the powder contour palette and kit to achieve the best results. Quality products may cost you more, but the outlook will be natural.However, you need to select the palette depending on your skin tone to ensure it blends well with your color. Also, knowing your facial shape is essential for the technique.

The main objective is to enhance facial shape and appearance. You can learn about skin tone and facial shape on the internet or have a beauty specialist offer you the help. After knowing the information, you will be able to do make-up sculpting and contouring better.Here are the steps in make-up sculpting and contouring;

The Preparation

Preparing your face is critical in make-up. The initial step is washing the face and moisturizing it to make the skin smooth. Also, it prevents dry skin, which will not give you the best appearance. You can use a primer as a base for the make-up products and limit them from getting into direct contact with the skin. On the other hand, applying the foundation will ensure the skin tone is even to get arealistic outlook. In addition, it will cover any marks or uneven skin tone.

Sculpting and Contouring

Sculpting and contouring require different steps to get the best outlook. Here is what you need to do;

Shadowing; the jawline, cheekbones, and hairlines are the ideal places for shadowing. You can shade the parts by creating lines with your make-up kit to get the best outlook. This step will be necessary for the next step, which is highlighting.

Highlighting;with the sculpting and contouring products, focus on the parts on the face you want to highlight. You draw attention to specific parts by using light shades to highlight them. The eye area can be a suitable place for highlighting, and you can extend it towards the sides. Also, you can highlight the space between the eyes extending down to the noseto make the area

Blending; it is vital to do the finishing touches to your make-up application to make your face look natural. Use the brush in the kit to eliminate the lines in the areas you were shadowing or highlighting. The final result is perfect when you can blend the various shades you use in your make-up.

Setting Make-Up

Setting make-up helps ensure the sculpting and contouring efforts stay for longer. Also, it will help with the finishing and ultimate results of your work.