How to choose your medico-aesthetic care clinic?

How to choose your medico-aesthetic care clinic?


The tour is gone, the turkey leftovers are gone, and you’re armed with your list of resolutions – or realistic goals, as the fashion of our time is. Among these, undoubtedly at the top of the list, you have chosen yourself: eat better, give yourself time, lose weight, put yourself in the foreground, move, think of yourself. In this sense, many of you will cross the door of the neighborhood gym, aiming for a few pounds less, then perhaps that of a medical-aesthetic clinic; the other gym, the one for the skin. But how can you stop your choice from the ever-growing supply of clinics? Who, between the beautician, the dermatologist, the technician or the chains with multiple franchises, should take care of your skin? A short guide in 5 steps to see more clearly.

1 – A comprehensive and personalized service offer

Life being what it is (understand: fast, hectic and busy ), the less we divide our workforce, the better we are. Managing the esthetician for the seasonal facial, the doctor for the Botox every three months and the technician for the hair removal … that’s three numbers on the cell, an increased risk of forgotten appointments, several consultations $, endless trips $ in traffic, a busy schedule that you have to juggle and… at the end of the day, a tired being more than pampered. So choose a center where the range of services meets your general needs, where you take charge of your care plan naturally and whose expertise meets your expectations.

2 – Notoriety… is not always a cliché

Word of mouth has always won the prize, whether it is to find a job or a good mechanic. Pay attention: there’s a good chance you’re following – or not! – your best friend in her beauty endeavors. Rely on concrete results, positive experiences before making your choice. The success of a medico-aesthetic clinic is won by a clearly established mission: to protect, correct and maintain your skin in a welcoming environment and in complete privacy.

3 – Safety first, then trust

Four clinics, a priori the same technology, a few dollars of difference: where to go? That is the question and you have to compare apples with apples. Pulsed light is a good example: did you know that there are dozens and dozens of IPL platforms and that just like a car or a vacuum cleaner, there are different qualities depending on the companies chosen which affect your comfort, frequency and outcome of your treatments? Do not improvise “specialist in rejuvenation” who wants. The platforms chosen must be among the most efficient on the market, approved by Health Canada and handled by a qualified, certified professional in continuous training.

4 – The volume = the experience

Said machine so coveted may well be enthroned in an immaculate treatment room and publicized with great fanfare in the local weekly, if it is only used once a month, you may not want be that patient… Experience, as we know, is, in most cases, a synonym of expertise. And expertise rhymes with seriousness: medical supervision, established protocols for uniformity of care, trained staff, safe environment. Return to points 2 and 3.

5 – The truth, the whole truth

The idea of ​​being sold something under pressure is repulsive. When it comes to skin care and / or rejuvenation, the idea is of course to get advice … because you are not a pro in the field and need an experienced and honest guide. Choose a place where exchanges are sincere and open, aim for natural results and remain realistic: the magic stamp for eternal youth still does not exist. Finally, know how to be said “no”: the treatment you were considering may not be suitable for you and instead requires a whole different attention. This is called professional advice.

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