How to Choose Wedding Invitation Template Designs

How to Choose Wedding Invitation Template Designs


Your wedding invitation is your big day’s cover letter. Read this guide to learn how to choose them. We’ll show you step by step how to make the right decision for you so you succeed!

Every wedding celebration must include wedding invitations. As such, they are the first point of contact for guests and family. This is the first impression that matters most. This is the reason that it’s so important that your choice reflects your personality, degree of formality, and the style of the link: country, urban, boho chic… Are you overwhelmed with so many ideas and concepts? Unsure where to begin? Here’s a guide of the steps you need to follow, tips for achieving some cards to stand out and which you can use to start this grand adventure.

The following tips might help you:

1. Trendy wedding invitations

You need wedding invitations 2022 for success. First and foremost, keep an eye on what is current and be inspired by what is wearing. Just as it is true for the wedding dress or groom suit selected for the occasion, wedding invitations have their own fashion like  watercolor themed wedding invitation suites evolves over time. With this method, you will obtain an outcome that is 100% current and modern.

Invitations with leaves, flowers, birds …, transparent invitations, sustainable wedding invitations, romantic invitations with craft-like paper and wedding invitations with wax seals.


2. Wedding invitations printed on paper vs. digital

To start, choose whether you want printed or electronic invitations. Both may work. The choice of which option is right for you will always depend on the type of recipients. Read more and find out which one is perfect for you.

 A paper wedding invitation

Also known as printed wedding invitations. Since they can be kept for life in a very special place, that factor in their favor, as well as their ability to be passed along and prevent them from going missing in the inbox or on the WhatsApp scroll. Additionally, the time spent creating it, the desire to be close to the close ones, the importance of being able to see your results personally, the value you place on the event  as well. The version most demanded today by couples.

Send a botanical invitation

Origin Moon

Wedding invitations digital

The term electronic wedding invitations is also used. If you and your significant other want to contribute to protecting the environment, they are the best option.

Their agility and speed make them stand out, too, as they can be sent instantly anywhere in the world. Something that makes it easier for your guests to confirm, by any means you deem most suitable, whether or not they will attend: by phone, email, the wedding website, Facebook, WhatsApp …

Abstract watercolour wedding invitation in digital format

The Molaboda

3. Take the style of the wedding into consideration

Additionallythey should reflect your tastes and interests, as well as giving the guests a hint as to what to expect at your magical wedding.

The vintage wedding invitation

Vintage wedding invitations have an aged effect that will work on a country-style wedding, a 1920s-inspired wedding, or a boho chic wedding. How about as they are? They are decorated with floral motifs, handwritten text, faded tones, and decorative details such as lace, a string, or a jute sash. For its preparation, Kraft paper is often used for its retro appearance.

A romantic wedding invitation

Flowers of all kinds and sizes, hearts of all shades of pink, personalised illustrations and watercolours as well as words full of feeling, for sweet and passionate couples – perhaps your favourite wedding song and wedding invitation template, the poem that marked you, or a quote from your favourite novel…. One last thing? If they’re paper, scent them with a pleasant scent. People will be able to smell it.