First Date at The View

First Date at The View


As you’ll be aware, Dubai is home to some phenomenal sights and destinations, all of which offer unique experiences and breathtaking views across the city and beyond. The views and experiences you can find while venturing across the city offer the perfect choice of things to do on a first date. There are many things you could try if you’re looking for first date ideas, and there is one place in particular that has become a very popular area for those searching for a romantic and fun location for their first date. This place is known as The View at the Palm

Visit The Palm

Being situated at one of the world’s most impressive feats of engineering, the Palm Jumeirah, The View in Palm Tower is surrounded by many exciting opportunities and events. While the tower itself is an incredible place to be, having so many great activities at your fingertips makes this easily one of the best locations in the world for a fun and memorable date. For example, you could visit the stunning beaches around the Palm, try some thrilling water sports, go on a romantic boat trip, or even swim with dolphins. Afterwards, you can head back to the gorgeous Palm Tower and enjoy everything else The View offers.

Experience The View

The Palm Tower consists of 54 floors, starting with the Nakheel Mall at the bottom, followed by an exquisite Marriott hotel between levels 1 and 18. Floors 19 to 47 are residential suites, but floors 50 to 54 are the most exciting. You’ll find The View at The Palm on floor 52, which is comprised of a stunning 360-degree observatory which offers full views across Palm Jumeirah and the gulf itself and inland views across Dubai. You can discover more about the building and the surrounding area via the View Exhibition, which also offers some wonderful interactive aquarium tunnels showcasing some of the areas stunning sea life. If you want even better views, you can head further up to the very top of the building. The Next Level at The View provides unhampered, open-air views of the area.

Enjoy Delicacies

There are some exquisite eateries around Palm Jumeirah, from quaint, relaxing coffee shops and bars to mind-blowing Michelin-starred restaurants. You can visit the 51st level at Palm Tower to enjoy the amazing delicacies at SUSHISAMBA. This Japanese and South American fusion restaurant offers some of the most incredible foods imaginable, including Japanese tempura and wagyu beef, as well as sushi and fresh seafood. A visit to this wonderful restaurant makes for a perfect romantic date, as the food and the ever-stunning views will not soon be forgotten.

Relax And Unwind

The View at the Palm also offers you and your date the chance to unwind and forget about the stresses of the outside world. Let’s face it; dates can be an anxiety-inducing time, no matter how much you seem to be getting along. A trip to the AURA SkyPool Lounge on level 50 is the perfect place to do just that. Sitting beside the 360-degree infinity pool and soaking up the sun with a signature cocktail inhand is a great way to forget about your worries. It’s difficult to comprehend that this relaxing oasis overlooking Dubai even exists, so you’ll simply have to see it to truly believe it.