Cuban Links: What Makes It Very Popular?

Cuban Links: What Makes It Very Popular?


Have you ever wondered what the large interlocking chains famous Hip Hop artists wear? It is impossible to miss these incredible, attractive, and elegant jewelry pieces around their necks. These things are Cuban link chains. These are pretty popular in today’s world.

This article will take a closer look at a couple of reasons why it is very popular. Also, we will walk everyone through the extent of its influence in the fashion industry. That is how huge it is as a statement piece of jewelry. If a person is still hesitating about purchasing one, maybe this article can help them with the decision. 

What are Cuban link chains?

For starters, these things refer to a fashion trend that uses interlocking patterns that appear attractive and thick. These items are commonly worn as a bracelet or necklaces. It utilizes circular-shaped or oval gold pieces link, the famous diamond-cut pattern, as well as to prove a firm locking mechanism. It gives this jewelry robustness and durability, which is popular for individuals who are looking for good accessories that will last for a lifetime.

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This jewelry has also evolved in excellent sophistication. They have different sizes but retain their elegance and popularity, particularly in men. We all know the saying: the larger the link chain, the more masculine the wearer look. Well, that is not the tell-all; end all of it. To know and understand how these chains become pretty popular, let us take a closer look at how they have become very prevalent in today’s world. 

How did the Cuban chains start?

There are some discussions as to where these things truly started from. Here is an ancient factoid for people: most of the sources date back thousands of years ago when Egyptian cities popularized this trend. It was not until the late 70s and early 80s that this thing regained its momentum, attracting the world with its stylish image. Over time legends in the Hip Hop community started to bring Cuban chains to their concerts, bringing them symbolic status as an all-important item for individuals with affluence and influence.

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From Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick to Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG to Ice Cube and Dr. Dre to Eminem and Jay Z to the renowned artists of the 21st century like DJ Khaled, Drake, and Tekashi 69, Cuban link pieces as a popular fashion trend was handed down like a valuable crown. Rock icons, star athletes, and famous celebrities have also noticed this and have started to adapt to this style. No wonder fans all over the world have done the same, spreading the influence of Cuban link chains. 


What makes this jewelry very popular?

There are various reasons why individuals continue to flaunt their gold or diamond chains wherever they go. This growing industry has also continued to exhaust its innovation or creativity and bring out unique designs to suit its client’s preferences. Listed below are some reasons why this thing remains pretty popular.

It goes very well with any type of pendant

The first reason why it is still popular in today’s age is pretty simple: it is an excellent look on most men. One fact about these links is that they could work with pendants. Of course, it is also perfect if used alone, but what makes it very appealing to individuals is the option to tag silver or gold pendants. It coincides with a silver or gold cross for religious individuals who happened to be fans of the Hip Hop culture. They will surely love to give the crucifix, some upgrade with a Cuban link iced chain – a serious “oomph” to their piece.

It is a pretty versatile accessory

Yes, everyone has heard a lot about these necklaces, but some individuals are actually using these things in making anklets, watches, rings, and bracelets. So if you are tired of plain jewelry, give your look some luxury and life. 

It looks classy and expensive

Let’s admit it; this jewelry is a status symbol of luxury and wealth. So if a person wants a jaw-dropping outfit that will make them look classy, they need to buy this jewelry. Miami Cuban links are starting to be a sign of wealth for most individuals Famous personalities, as well as rappers, have been using custom-made links. Those are pretty expensive. Some uses heavier ones to upgrade their look. For example, Daddy Yankee is said to own a ten-kilo link. As we all know, the more serious the piece, the more expensive and classier it gets.