Body Wash and Shower Gels for that Squeaky Clean Feeling

Body Wash and Shower Gels for that Squeaky Clean Feeling


Body wash and shower gels are the products we use daily. Some people use shower gel, whereas some body wash. You can use both body wash and shower gels to clean your skin’s impurities. Both body wash and gel come in hygienic bottle packaging that protects the liquid from all germs and bacteria. The body washes and gels are available for people of all age groups. 

Body Wash vs Shower Gels 

Both body wash and shower gels serve the same purpose. They only have a few differences. 

  • The body wash is thinner, like liquid hand wash, whereas body shower gels have a gel-like consistency. 
  • Body washes have a mild fragrance. On the other hand, shower gels have higher fragrance content. 
  • The body wash does not contain any exfoliating ingredients. In contrast, shower gels usually contain exfoliating ingredients that help remove dead skin cells and keep the skin pores clean. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Applying Body Wash and Shower Gels 

  • Choose a body wash according to your skin type and skin concern.
  • Do not rub your skin harshly, as it can irritate your skin and lead to flaking. 
  • Use scrub for any shower gel or body wash. It will kill bacteria on your skin and slough off dead skin cells. 
  • Don’t use body wash on your face. Body wash and shower gels are not as gentle as face wash, which is what you need for your delicate facial skin.
  • Always look for a moisturising shower gel that keeps the skin hydrated. 
  • Use a small amount of shower gel at a time. If needed, add more later, but don’t over-strip your skin by using a large amount.
  • If you want to wash your hair, then wash that first, and afterwards, cleanse your body. The shampoo and conditioner run down can cause skin issues sometimes.
  • Avoid using shower gels that contain toxic chemicals like silicones and paraben. 
  • Use warm water to rinse off the body wash gel

Best Body Wash and Shower Gels 

We have shortlisted some shower gel body wash. You can buy these online from Health & Glow

Chemist At Play Nourishing Body Wash 

Chemist At Play body wash comes with oat milk extract, pentavitin, and omega oil. They are a boon for people with sensitive skin as they help to calm skin inflammation and redness. This body wash deeply nourishes dehydrated skin. It also exfoliates dead skin cells, improving your skin’s overall appearance. This body wash is free from toxic chemicals like vegan, silicones, dye, cruelty, gluten, and mineral oil. This is an ideal body wash for women and men. Use this body wash twice daily for the best results.  

Nivea Men Energy Shower Gel 

Nivea men’s shower gel is a rejuvenating shower gel for men that cleanses without drying the skin. Mint extract and a refreshing fragrance give a long-lasting freshness. The caring formula with foam takes care of your skin and keeps it hydrated. Plus, you can use this 3-in-1 gel formula on the body, face and hair. It absorbs impurities while cleansing the body and face. It is applicable in all seasons. It is one of the best bath gels

TNW The Natural Wash Mix Fruity Body Wash 

It is made with a salving mix of various fruit extracts like melon, papaya, strawberry, green apple, etc. This body wash keeps your skin hydrated, fresh, and nourished. This body washes for men and women prevents the skin from drying and maintains a natural pH balance. 

Cottage Sweet Caramel Shower Gel 

Cottage sweet caramel shower gel with extra mild scrub is light on skin gel that is perfect for regular and deep exfoliation of the skin. This gel deeply cleanses the dead skin on the surface of the main and leaves it soft, smooth, and nourished. It has a neutral pH and is suitable for all skin types. The fragrance of the body wash is divine due to the presence of caramel. It cleanses the most sensitive and delicate skin without harshness and does not irritate. It is an ideal body shower gel for women

Mamaearth Coco Body Wash Coffee & Cocoa

This gentle cleanser for the body leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, nourished, and hydrated. Deeply clean the impurities of the skin and keep the skin moisturised. The coconut oil hydrates the skin, while the sweet cherry extract gives antioxidant protection. It has a little zing of the fragrance. It is a unisex body wash suitable for all skin types. It is one of the best body washes. 

Treaclmoon Brazilian Love Bath & Shower Gel 

This shower gel comes with the goodness of paullinia cupana seed extract that cleans and detoxifies the skin deeply. It keeps the skin hydrated and moisturised. It is one of the best shower gels. This gel provides necessary nourishment to the skin. It is gentle and removes the harshest impurities and dirt. Plus, it energises the skin with its ingredients. It is paraben free and dermatologically tested. It is a unisex shower gel and has a mild fragrance.