Best Chocolates to send as a gift to friends and family

Best Chocolates to send as a gift to friends and family


In our daily lives, there are too many occasions where we find ourselves clueless about what to gift our loved ones. Be it a birthday, an anniversary or just a visit to someone’s house, gifting can be tricky. However, a classic box of high-quality chocolates might be the perfect answer! Chocolates stand for a luxurious indulgent experience. Premium chocolates are sourced from all over the world and made into the finest chocolate assortments that are sure to leave anyone impressed.

Why do chocolates make for a good gift?

A big reason why chocolates make for good gifts is that they are a refreshing alternative to traditional Indian sweets. While Indian sweets can be delicious, they are traditional and common. If you want to make an impression and gift someone a “luxurious” gift, then chocolates are your best bet! Chocolate price also has a wide range and, you can choose the one that suits your budget!

Chocolates are famous for creating happy hormones. According to scientists, eating chocolates releases the happy hormone, serotonin which instantly elevates your mood. Hence, gifting chocolate is like gifting happiness! Apart from serotonin, chocolates also contain flavanols that help fight ageing! Chocolates also improve cardiovascular health when consumed!

Chocolates are more than just bars. Many luxury chocolatiers create “experiences” with their authentic and fine chocolates that are rich in aroma and taste. Some chocolate makers go beyond chocolate too and inculcate desserts into their fine chocolate to give customers a unique experience.

Which is the best chocolate to gift your loved ones?

Fabelle is a luxury chocolate brand that creates a wide range of gift collections for you to choose from. Fabelle not only has chocolate collections but also has dessert collections that can be gifted to your loved ones! Each Fabelle creation comes from the choicest of cocoa from places like Ghana, Madagascar, Venezuela Sao Tome among others. Fabelle creations are thoughtfully made by master chocolatiers who handpick ingredients like French vanilla and Acacia nectar and integrate these flavours with their chocolate to give you a wide selection of tastes.

Fabelle chocolates are expertly conched for several hours and expertly tempered to bring out the best in every chocolate. These creations are mostly inspired by elements of nature like earth, water, fire, wood and air and each creation embodies these elements in taste. Hence, a box of Fabelle chocolates will make for an exclusive experience. That is bound to make the receiver of the gift feel appreciated.

Fabelle’s ranges also take inspiration from continents and desserts from all over the world. Fabelle Continents Dessert Collection is inspired by desserts of five continents which includes cannoli from Italy, lamington from Australia, RasMalai from India among others.

Fabelle has Fabelle Ganache that is made from Ghana and Ivory Coast Chocolate and is pure indulgence in every bite. Another notable Fabelle creation is the Fabelle Gianduja. It is a Napolean-era Italian delicacy that Fabelle’s chocolatiers have recreated by using creamy chocolate and hazelnuts! Fabelle Gianduja can be the perfect gift if you are looking for something remarkable and worth remembering! Fabelle also has a range of luxury chocolate bars that you cannot miss!

Chocolate boxes are perfect to gift your boss and your elders as it creates an impression of good taste! Even children today prefer chocolates over many traditional sweets, so these make for the perfect gift at kids’ birthday parties too!