5 Perfumes That Exude Fall Energy

5 Perfumes That Exude Fall Energy


The crunchy leaves on the road and the crisp air mean only one thing. Our favourite season, fall is here and we could not be happier about it! Fall nights are all about wearing your favourite cashmere sweater and going for a fancy dinner with your gals or simply finding a cosy nook in your living room and cuddling up to a good read.

Do you know what will make your fall nights more romantic and cosier? A spritz of a fall fragrance will instantly make you feel warm and nostalgic and help you get in the fall mood.

Looking for fall fragrances for yourself or your loved ones? We have decided to make your life easy by bringing to you 5 chic and cosy fall fragrances that you will thank us for later.

EDW Essenza Mikkel Verde

EDW Essenza Mikkel Verde is a one of the most popular luxury perfumes for men that screams fall. With just one sniff of this premium fragrance, you will be inspired to seek adventure, break boundaries and live boldly this fall season. The perfume has a citrus note, mineral notes of flint and a slight tint of plants and spices. People who are looking for a subtle and earthy perfume for men this fall must give this perfume a try as it has a slight sensual earthy touch to it which makes it irresistible. The chic packaging of this luxury perfume makes it an ideal fragrance to gift to your friends and family this holiday season.

EDW Essenza Ignite

Looking for a fall fragrance to gift your girlfriend this holiday season? EDW Essenza Ignite is a luxury perfume for women which is a perfect pick for the fall season. It is intense, sensual and mysterious. The top notes of this perfume have black currant and mandarinwhich give this perfume a refreshing twist. The middle notes consist of violets and jasmine which make this perfume a perfect fit for women who want to exude charm, elegance and grace. The base notes of moss and patchouli give this fragrance a woodsy feel making it a perfect fall fragrance to have on your vanity this year.

Engage XX3 Cologne Spray

 Not a fan of perfumes or don’t have a budget to buy an expensive perfume? You can still enjoy a woodsy and autumn-y fragrance by buying the Engage XX3 Cologne Spray. It is a men’s deodorant spray that has an enticing scent of citrus and amber. These two contrasting scents give this deodorant a unique and signature scent that you can recognise from a single whiff. Whether you are looking for an everyday deodorant or a special occasion deodorant to use for date nights and fancy dinners, this Engage deodorant is perfect for all occasions.

Engage L’amante Absolute

Inspired by the classic cocktail Gin & Tonic, this luxury Engage perfume is a perfect pick for modern men who want to exude confidence and charm every time they walk into a conference room or a dinner party. Engage L’amante Absolute is inspired by natural ingredients like pepper, bergamot, spices, and amber, all of which scream fall season. While the top note of this Engage perfume consists of pepper and bergamot, the middle notes are of leather and spices. The base notes consist of vetiver and amber, which makes this Engage perfume scream masculinity with a touch of sensuality.

Engage Spice Mystique

Looking for an everyday-use men’s deodorant that is perfect for the fall season? This skin-friendly deodorant by Engage is a perfect pick. With notes of leather and wood, this deodorant gives out a mysterious and dark mood which matches the dark aesthetics of the autumn nights. The deodorant also is laced with a hint of spices which further adds to its dark charm. This deodorant is perfect for people who are looking for a long-lasting men’s deodorant that doesn’t cost a fortune.

So, which of these fall fragrances are you planning to pick for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season? The ITC store is your one-stop destination to grab everydayperfumes as well as luxury perfumes for men and women by top brands at the best price ever.